Artificial grass is made of synthetic fiber that looks like real grass. The synthetic grass blades are green and come in different pile heights. With the new technology that is available today, artificial grass has made leaps and bounds on its realistic looking appearance and improves indoor and outdoor landscape. It is generally used in areas where grass cannot grow, or in areas where grass maintenance is impossible or undesired. Artificial grass offers many benefits for the consumer. It saves both money and time and is an excellent landscaping option and does not require any water, significantly reducing monthly water bills and maintenance. Quality artificial lawn grass consists of several layers, including backing, cushioning, drainage layers and infill.


  1. Synthetic fiber – mimics grass look and color
  2. Infill – to withstand typical daily traffic and activity without the added support
  3. Weep holes - – help with clean up, prevent spores and bacteria building up
  4. Primary back – foundation that holds the grass structure

Artificial Grass STRUCTURE


  • Pet-friendly
  • Save for children
  • No pesticides or fertilizer
  • UV resistant
  • No maintenance
  • Saves water
  • Does not move
  • Stain-resistant


Dimension Area Coverage Weight
  • 25 x 100 x 12500 mm (T X W X L)
  • 135 sqft
  • 32 kg/roll


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