Vinyl flooring is a great choice, particularly for kitchen and bathroom applications. With its water-resistant, stain-resistant, versatile, and durable characteristics, vinyl flooring is suitable for residential homes and commercial settings where high traffic is constant. In homes, vinyl flooring is often used in high moisture areas such as kitchens and dining rooms where a significant amount of moisture is expected as minimal maintenance is required.


  1. UV layer - clear topcoat to protect from fading
  2. Wear layer – clear wear layer to protect the decorative paper
  3. Decorative paper – hi-resolution printed wood image
  4. Glass fiber layer – give support to other layers and allows to lie flat and even
  5. Balance layer – gives further foundational support, strength, and ease of installation

PVC/Vinyl Flooring STRUCTURE


Vinyl flooring is durable, comfortable underfoot and reduces noise, which can be important for owners with kids and pets. Compared with other flooring options, vinyl flooring is more economical, easy to install and has low maintenance. It also comes in a wide range of colors and patterns to match every décor, including a variety of natural wood grain looks.

  • Termite proof
  • Acoustic Insulation
  • Waterproof
  • Scratch-Resistant
  • Instant Installation
  • Odor-Free
  • Hot/Cold Weather Proof
  • Easy to Clean
  • Anti-Slip
  • Impact-Resistant
  • Stain-Resistant
  • Hassle-Free


Board size Surface Treatment Edge Treatment Joining Mechanism Area Suitable
  • 914 – 1229 mm (L)
  • 152 – 229 mm (W)
  • 2 – 3 mm (T)


  • Embossed
  • Seamless


  • Dry-back
  • All residential
  • Light Commercial
  • Moderate Commercial


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